Our Ethos and the Environment

Stroud and the wider Cotswolds boast a significant legacy of craftsmanship which we are proud to continue, both through our own work and by commissioning handmade fittings and accessories from other talented local craftspeople working in metal, leather and glass, in addition to decorative painters, stonemasons, carvers and basket weavers. Our ethos is simple: to produce a superb product while investing in our local economy and artistic community.

At Stroud Furniture Makers we have always been committed to maintaining a low impact on the environment in local and global terms. The majority of our work takes place within a thirty mile radius keeping fuel consumption low, and all our employees live within five miles of our workshop, most cycling to work each day. We have developed our own waste disposal policy through the use of a commercial waste exchange organization and by recycling our woodshavings to local horse and chicken owners. Shavings are also used to fuel our simple but ingenious workshop winter heating system, while larger chippings and timber offcuts are given to local people for their barbecues and fires. Our company paper is 100% recycled while our brochure is printed on paper made from 100% sustainable cotton fibre.

We source all our materials with the greatest care, ensuring any tropical hardwoods come from reputable FSC certificated importers, and 90% of our timber, appliances and services are purchased from companies in the south west of England. When you commission Stroud Furniture Makers for your project you can be sure you are making a much wider investment in your local area and its people.